1999 MOPAR Nationals - Miscellaneous MOPARs

Below, a very pretty 1955 Dodge Custom Royal convertible.  This one's been modified with a 360 cubic inch "crate" engine and electronic fuel injection.  Very nice!

Misc-1955_Dodge_Custom_Royal_RightFront.jpg (41338 bytes)

Misc-1955_Dodge_Custom_Royal_Engine.jpg (41431 bytes)

Below, a rare 1977 Plymouth Volare Road Runner with T-Top roof.

Misc-1977_Plymouth_Volare_LeftFront.jpg (34669 bytes)

Below, a 1970's (I don't know the exact model year) Valiant Charger from Australia.  This one's equipped with the 265 cubic inch "HEMI" six cylinder engine.

Misc-Valiant_Charger_RightFront.jpg (33274 bytes)Misc-Valiant_Charger_Interior.jpg (27181 bytes)Misc-Valiant_Charger_Engine.jpg (31951 bytes)

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